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It’s important to regularly take a step back and get a view of your current strategy and practices to refocus and provide recommendations to move your program forward.

Our Email Marketing Strategy Mini Audit, is the perfect place to start to get an overview and summary recommendations of key areas of focus in 3 key strategic areas:



Automated Campaigns


Subscriber Data:

List Growth

Your Data Types


Design &


Design Layout

Content Personalisation

A lack of strategy is one of the most significant challenges to successfully executing email marketing campaigns.

In this section of your Mini Audit, we explore your current situation in regards to planning your BAU email strategy, automated campaigns and managing deliverability to ensure your messages maximise the opportunity for engagement.

Creating great email marketing begins with having and using great subscriber data.

Knowing who you are speaking to is critical in order to create content that interests or motivates them as well as meeting their needs, and encouraging engagement.

In this section of your Mini Audit, we'll explore key strategic areas of how your currently doing this, as well as a summary of how your segmenting your data.

It’s important to ensure your design encourages subscribers through to your main call-to-action and, most importantly, doesn’t confuse them or give them too many options in one go.

In this area of the Mini Audit report, we’ll score key areas of your email layout and how you’re using personalisation to provide interesting relevant content to engage your subscribers.

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